Jesus is…

A current poster campaign by the Swiss Christian Action Committee is hanging across the country. Much of the poster is left empty, with the intention that it should be graffitied, in answer to the prompt “Jesus is…”. The accompanying website offers people the same opportunity to give their opinion on what they see Jesus to be.… (Read More)

A better solution than adverts and their blockers

If you want good quality content on the web, support the publisher by subscribing to their publication. That way, you’ll help them stop ramming adverts down your throat.

Video preview image for The Great Escape

The Great Escape

A lovely idea from Graubünden Tourism. Set up an interactive video advertisement in Zürich’s main station, showing what a beautiful part of the Alps you could end up in by just getting on a train. Then invite passers-by to join you by printing them a free ticket on the spot. (And wait for the initiative to spread across… (Read More)

Provocational advertising by Mediamarkt

There was a lot of fuss when Mediamarkt took over the much-loved Markthalle in Bern, meaning the closure of several specialist restaurants. Their latest advert in the city, announcing the new opening? “Does love enter through the stomach, or by way of a huge selection and great deals?” I don’t expect these posters to remain… (Read More)

Taking good photographs is a skill with a value

It continues to surprise me that so many people blankly refuse to understand that even the most simple photographs take a modicum of effort to create. Sure, the act of pressing a button on a camera takes just a moment, but the skills of knowing when to press it, how to prepare the settings on… (Read More)

Photographic memories

I wrote only recently about how photography is an aide-memoire for me and the point was proven this afternoon, when I was instantly reminded by the photograph on a shopping bag of trips to Sicily. “Hang on!” I said, and both Jo and I instantly recognized the street lamp and tiled square in Taormina, from… (Read More)

Welcome to Switzerland (conditionally)

(Post originally begun in 2011.) Along with most other households in Switzerland, I received a pre-printed flyer from the Schweizerische Volkspartei (SVP) at the end of last week. (Obivously the person delivering them didn’t bother to check the name on the post box, in our case.) The flyer has been timed to coincide with the Swiss national day on Monday, and encourages Swiss nationals to join their crusade to limit or even eliminate the effect that foreigners have on Swiss life. I thought it’d be interesting to write about the concerns raised, from the point of view of a long-term resident.

Free photos, and why I’m making them available

Any photographer offering free photos should have a good reason for doing so. This is why I’ve chosen to make a large portion of my photographic archive available.

The Hero

Where some advertisers choose the “viral” route of making a low-budget film to publicize themselves or their causes via YouTube, others still spend the time and make an effort to integrate some very cool interactivity to ensure that their offering or message gains widespread recognition.

EasyJet advertising, close up

Budget airline easyJet have taken a step this year to kill two birds with one stone. By replacing their cloth head rest covers with temporary versions, they can avoid the tatty appearance caused by head rests becoming old and worn, whilst allowing prominent advertising space targeted to every passenger. Read more at the Burson-Marsteller Crossmedia… (Read More)