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St. Daniel’s Church, Pembroke, Wales

Now sadly boarded up, but the graveyard is still in use. A local legend tells of a lady from Carew who had taken poison and came to drink from St Daniel’s Well (which was supposed to have healing powers). On drinking the water, she brought up "numberless worms" and was cured! (The well is reputed […]

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Selve Areal, Thun, Switzerland

One strobe off-camera right as fill-in. Strobism doesn’t have to include people! This image can be viewed larger in the Strobism gallery at Permanent Tourist.

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I have been inspired to approach a local development company, who have taken over the old Hotel des Alpes in Spiez and will be converting the building to luxury flats. I’ll keep you posted… Update: I meant, to photograph the interior before they strip it out, not buy a flat! :-)

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