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Swimming in the river Aare, especially between Lake Thun and the old city of Bern, is a regular summer pastime in Switzerland.

  • Swimming in the river Aare is a regular summer pastime of the Bernese in Switzerland. But there are occasionally mishaps. The campaign “Aare You Safe?” is intended to remind the public of the dangers of swimming in the river: not with a wagging finger but with a “cheeky wink”. Keep an eye on yourself and…

  • I took part in our company day out yesterday, when we went down the river Aare from Schwellenmätteli in Bern, beneath the towering heights of Bern’s old city, to Eymatt, on the north western edge of the city suburbs. Although it sounds like a city-centre trip, the area around the river in and near Bern…

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    Swimming in the river at Bern in Switzerland.