Posts about 1st August

The Swiss National Day (German: Schweizer Bundesfeiertag; French: Fête nationale suisse; Italian: Festa nazionale svizzera; Romansh: Fiasta naziunala svizra) is the national holiday of Switzerland, set on 1st August. The founding of the Swiss Confederacy was first celebrated on this date in 1891 and 1st August has been an official bank holiday since 1994.

  • An unfestive 1st August, barbecuing in a mountain valley, and walking around a lovely lake near Gstaad.

  • A few random facts to celebrate Switzerland’s birthday.

  • Lake shore and boardwalk at Etang de la Gruère

    Etang de la Gruère

    A little bit of the Scottish Highlands in Switzerland.

  • Firsts of August

    1st August is Switzerland’s Bundestag (or federal day), so Jo and I usually take advantage of the day off work to celebrate our adopted home. Here are some photographic mementoes of the day trips we’ve made.

  • The First of August

    1st August is Swiss National Day, chosen as the date on which Switzerland celebrates the anniversary of the first alliance between cantons in 1291.