Niederhorn, Switzerland

Heaven is this

Sitting, cross-legged, a couple of arms’ length from the edge of a two-and-a-half-thousand foot drop to the valley floor, watching clouds drift across the lake into the distance.

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File structure for Zurb Foundation in TYPO3

A quick question for TYPO3 and front-end developers among you. If you’re using a framework like Foundation or Bootstrap in TYPO3, a) How do you install the framework? Via CLI? b) Where do you install the framework? To the Resources folder? To a subfolder? Thanks for any feedback, here…

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Screen resolutions in Sketch

Defining custom artboards in Sketch to better reflect modern screen resolutions.

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Cudrefin, Switzerland

Review of 2016

My year in pictures for 2016.

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The minimum viable product

A stripped-back, simple WordPress theme for my personal website, which I can begin extending as and when I have the time.

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Land's End, Cornwall

Land’s End

Our holiday to the south of England this summer took us to the most south-westerly point of the British mainland.

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Street typography

Street typography

There's something very satisfying about watching a couple of guys painting road markings.

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Modular functionality – making WordPress development easier

Modular functionality – making WordPress development easier

A summarized insight into maintaining individual features in your own WordPress plugins through the flexibility and organisation of modular development.

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Examples of WordPress as a headless CMS

WordPress is much more than a simple tool for building websites. Here are a few prominent sites which use WordPress and its new REST API for much more than a simple blog.

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Base code for a WordPress theme using PHP namespaces

I provide a free public Github repository containing example code for starting work on a WordPress theme which uses PHP namespaces and template parts.

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Base code for a WordPress plugin using PHP namespaces

I provide a free public Github repository containing example code for starting work on a WordPress plugin, which uses PHP namespaces.

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Rickenbach, Switzerland

The rolling hills of Basel-Land

Photographing picturesque villages amongst the rolling hills of canton Basel-Land.

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The President’s photographer

The President’s photographer

A four-part National Geographic documentary on Pete Souza, Barack Obama's official photographer.

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Hotel tip for central London

Save your money for fun stuff and stay at a Premier Inn when you're in London. Chain hotels, but excellent locations, high standards and free wifi.

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Tailoring your web design process to site visitors’ needs

An analysis of the visitor statistics during a recent web project showed that a large number of visitors were visiting the site using medium-small devices with 1024px x 768px screens. This corresponds to an iPad held in horizontal format. But further research into the statistics showed that a large…

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New Slack channel opened for WordPress Switzerland

Providing WordPress developers and designers in Switzerland with an online place to hang out and exchange tips and ideas.

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Susten Pass, Switzerland

The view around the corner at Susten Pass

Finding a magnificent view of a scene I know well, by going up a little road and turning a corner.

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Ligerz, Switzerland

The vineyards on Lake Biel

A great spot to photograph the vineyards and sixteenth-century church at Ligerz, on the shores of Lake Biel.

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Handling file requests with the WordPress Rewrite API

I occasionally have a need to divert file requests on a website to a PHP script. By doing so, I can determine whether the visitor may access it, see whether an image should have a watermark automatically applied, or notify an administrator that a PDF has been viewed or downloaded.

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The JavaScript argument is racist

The battle royal du jour in the web development community is the argument of whether websites should be built with a JavaScript-based technology like AngularJS, Node.js or React, or using the classic composition of HTML and CSS, then extending it with JavaScript for those browsers which support it. Without reading the detailed arguments…

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Live the life you are given

I take photos to document my path through my life. It gives me a good feeling to find a great view and enjoy it, and take it home to look at again in the form of a photograph. I take pleasure in composing and exposing a photo well. It gives…

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Wyssebach Falls, Susten, Switzerland


There’s a trend these days for people to use the word “stunning”: from tabloid newspapers to t.v. presenters. And their use of the word so often makes everyone else use it. A view of the sea: “stunning”. A fashionable dress: “stunning”. A film star looking average on a red carpet somewhere: “stunning”.

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The best little tripod

It's not all about the size.

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Technical case study: the SBB CFF FFS brand panel

Using modern web technologies to replicate the ubiquitous red panel used by Swiss railway company SBB CFF FFS.

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