Far Too Early

It feels as though you’ve only just closed your eyes, when the alarm clock buzzes its way into your consciousness. Through the darkness, the numerals flash at you irritably as if they, too, are annoyed at being called into service so early. The rest of the room is lit dimly and intermittently with the red […]

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The Three Stages

It was a hard start to the day, racing up the hill for the train in the dark, panting and wheezing as you crashed into your seat amongst yawning students, causing a woman opposite to enquire after your health. You assured her that you neglected to pack your health, before settling back into the seat […]

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In Four Days

You’ve been on the road since early this morning. Starting your journey with bleary eyes and an awful coffee, you watch light arrive over the fields and distant peaks as you speed westwards. Your luggage is settled onto the rack across the gangway and a book, your place marked with an ancient visiting card, is […]

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