Scrrenshot of Rachel Andrew's website, built using CSS Grid

The wonders of CSS Grid

I’m beginning to delve into the newest extension of the CSS style rule possibilities at a professional level, in order to design and create websites which break the mould.

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Multilingual brain overheating

Swiss German uses a lot of French words, so a delivery driver is called a “Chauffeur”. This word used to mean “heater” too. There’s a sign on the door to the delivery bay of the local supermarket saying “Chauffeur – bitte Ware in den Kühlraum mitnehmen”. Which actually means “Driver – please take your goods […]

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The non-holiday holiday

After some rushing around, I find myself on my own in Zurich for a couple of days. After dealing with the day job, I have the evening to myself, with no pressure and no responsibilities. Leaving work behind, I head for the old town and the anonymity of a familiar, traditional and noisy restaurant. The […]

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