• Secret Britain

    Secret Britain

    A new BBC travel programme seeks out lesser-known spots in the British Isles, starting this evening.

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  • Square landscapes with the X-T1

    Where my love for the square image format comes from, and how it is achieved in the Fujifilm X-T1 digital camera.

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  • Stormscapes


    A timelapse film of giant storms over the American Mid-West.

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  • Provocational advertising by Mediamarkt

    There was a lot of fuss when Mediamarkt took over the much-loved Markthalle in Bern, meaning the closure of several specialist restaurants. Their latest advert in the city, announcing the new opening? “Does love enter through the stomach, or by way of a huge selection and great deals?” I don’t expect these posters to remain […]

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  • The Grey League

    The Grey League

    Filmed in the beautiful South East regions of the Swiss alps, this film features many classic landscapes of the majestic country of Switzerland. We were based in one the oldest towns in Graubünden, Chur, with a trip into the clouds in Filisur and revealing one of the world heritage sites in the breathtaking Landwasser viaduct. […]

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  • Île d’Ogoz

    The island of Ogoz, at the northern end of the Lac de La Gruyère in Switzerland, is somewhat unusual in that you can walk to it.

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  • An Audi at last

    In which I take delivery of my shiny new A4 Avant.

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  • High ISO performance with the X-T1

    I haven’t really been “into” photography for a while, so I haven’t put my new Fujifilm X-T1 through its paces properly. But I have fiddled with it, taken a few photos to see how it deals with certain situations, and begun trials with using the built-in JPG conversion and film simulation modes. One of the great […]

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  • Farewell to the Four-Wheeled Tripod

    Over 150,00km after buying it, we say goodbye to our “four-wheeled tripod”.

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  • The Quest for Inspiration

    The Quest for Inspiration

    This is the trailer for “La Quête d’Inspiration”, a documentary film by Mathieu Le Lay about the experiences in the wilderness of French landscape photographer Alexandre Deschaumes. You can purchase the full-length film at Reelhouse.

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  • Mind The Gap

    Mind The Gap

    If you can watch this video to the end without a tear in your eye, then you are tougher than I. It has reached the official selection for the 2015 London Short Film Festival and is based on a true story. The following explanation was written in 2013 – originally in German – by Konstantin […]

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  • Schangnau, Switzerland

    No longer a Nikon photographer

    In which I exchange pretty much all of my camera equipment for a smaller, lighter, more simple alternative.

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  • Review of 2014

    A blessed year of travel, fun, new and re-discovered sights, and plenty of sore legs.

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  • Treasure Hunt

    Treasure Hunt

    Kenneth Kendall hosts a British t.v. game show from the 1980s, in which Anneka Rice chases around the Swiss Bernese Oberland in a helicopter.

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  • Gwatt nature reserve, Thun

    Gwatt nature reserve, Thun

    I just came across a short film I made in January and posted to YouTube at the time. Filmed with my X100 and edited quickly in iMovie, it shows the publicly accessible lake-shore nature reserve at Gwatt, some fifteen minutes’ drive from home.

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  • Adding diagonal edges to HTML elements

    Using CSS pseudo elements to add diagonal borders and edges to the sides of block level elements.

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  • Simple alternatives to CAPTCHA

    Google announced yesterday that it’s come up with a great new way of avoiding the need for website visitors to fill out the CAPTCHA; the ubiquitous “type the letters from the image into the following field” feature of many online forms. Instead, they propose a simpler interaction based on the Turing Test principle: that some choices can […]

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  • Travel many roads on many islands

    Travel many roads on many islands

    A lovely video of a journey on the Isle of Skye by StokedEverSince, posted to Vimeo by Calum Creasey.

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  • Make sure you use the correct license when you publish your photos online

    If you have a social media account or an account at one of the photo sharing websites, you need to make sure that your photos are published using the appropriate license. Flickr allows you to offer your photos under a specific Creative Commons license which allows those downloading the photos to pass them on or use […]

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  • Vesuvius

    The centre of attention for visitors to the Bay of Naples is a dormant volcano. Standing massive above the plains containing Naples, Ercolano (Herculaneum) and Pompeii, it constantly draws the eye. As a photographer, it’s pretty difficult to avoid having it as a main element in any wider landscape photo in the region. Its destructive […]

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  • Piscina Mirabilis

    Arriving in the town of Bacoli, on the headland a few miles west of the centre of Naples, you feel a long way from the tourist crowds and certainly not anywhere historic or especially noteworthy. But look into the history of the area and you’ll find that the bay here, now surrounded by slightly shabby buildings and busy with […]

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