• Cable cars, funiculars and cog railways

    Cable cars, funiculars and cog railways

    Walking in the mountains is a great pastime, even if the weather isn’t great. But sometimes, getting to a mountain peak is a huge effort: even lesser summits than the four-thousand-metre monsters in canton Wallis are difficult to reach on foot. Although Switzerland is famous for its cable cars, funiculars and mountain railways, Switzerland Tourism […]

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  • Don’t do speculative work for web clients

    Don’t do speculative work for web clients

    Would you invest your time, experience and effort to do your job when there was a potential that your client or boss wouldn’t pay you for it?

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  • The Selfie Stick

    One of my favourites from the comparatively new Flickr group Photos of Photographers with a Selfie Stick, by Tobias Eisenschmidt.

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  • Breithorn, Zermatt

    The valley at Zermatt is surrounded by nearly three dozen peaks with summits higher than 4,000 metres above sea level. The Breithorn is well-known as the “easiest” to ascend: although easiness is, of course, a matter of reference. The number of tiny, ant-like climbers on the slopes leading from the Breithorn Plateau was quite amazing, when […]

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  • Kodachrome


    When I think backOn all the crap I learned in high schoolIt’s a wonderI can think at allAnd though my lack of educationHasn’t hurt me noneI can read the writing on the wall KodachromeThey give us those nice bright colorsThey give us the greens of summersMakes you think all the world’s a sunny dayI got […]

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  • Ten years at Flickr

    A brief history of ten years using the online photo-sharing service Flickr.

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  • Oeschinensee, Switzerland

    One of the more spectacular mountain lakes in the Bernese Oberland of Switzerland is at Oeschinensee, in a hanging valley easily reached by cable car from the town of Kandersteg. If you’re feeling lazy, then the walk to the lakeside restaurant is a fairly easy one. If you’re more adventurous, then there are a network of paths leading […]

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  • Patience

    After a long time with a much reduced amount of interest for photography, I am finally getting back to wanting to capture images again. The unenforced time out has done me good. I am reminded once more of the pleasure of waiting for the moment to be right; when the light and the surroundings all come […]

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  • Grindelwald First, Switzerland

    The mountain restaurant and top cable car station at First, above Grindelwald, affords amazing views down to the valley and to the huge wall of rock opposite: including the famous Eiger North Wall.

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  • Toni-Areal, Zurich

    I am rarely in Zurich and I prefer the countryside and mountains to cities these days. But I like to be in the midst of industrial architecture sometimes, and one of my favourite sites is the former milk processing plant in the industrial area of Pfingstweid. Mainly because of the huge corkscrew ramp leading up to […]

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  • WordCamp Switzerland 2015

    Lessons learned and presentations seen at this year’s WordPress conference in Zurich.

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  • They didn’t think that the kid had a bomb

    They didn’t think that the kid had a bomb

    They didn’t think that the kid had a bomb. They didn’t evacuate the school, like you do when there’s a bomb. They didn’t call the bomb squad, like you do when there’s a bomb. They didn’t get as far away from him as possible, like you do when there’s a bomb. They put him and […]

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  • Silver and light

    Silver and light

    It’s about doing what you love. If you’d been searching your whole life for something you love, and you found it, what would you be willing to sacrifice?

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  • G is for Golf

    Before photography and the internet, golf was the major hobby in my life for many years, in all its forms.

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  • The four seasons of St. Niklaus

    The four seasons of St. Niklaus

    Beautiful time lapse sequences from canton Wallis (Valais) by filmmaker Christian Mülhauser.

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  • Melchsee-Frutt to Rothorn

    Experiencing vertigo for the first time on a high-alpine route in the mountains above Melchsee-Frutt.

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  • SEO für WordPress

    Zusammenfassung der Themen bezüglich SEO, die wir gestern an ein WordPress-Meetup in Bern besprochen haben.

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  • Aerial sequence of Brighton’s West Pier

    Aerial sequence of Brighton’s West Pier

    Filmed by Sam Moore of Visual Air, these are touching sequences of a structure which can’t be much longer for this world.

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  • Front-page slideshows are bad for your website

    Whether because they slow down the loading of the site, get in the way of what the visitor is looking for, or are often ignored as a type of ad banner, many websites would benefit from moving away from these legacy page elements to implement better and more user-friendly alternatives.

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  • Reusability thanks to modular coding

    My erstwhile mentor in Brienz taught me throughout our years working together that if a website functionality is worth creating, it’s worth creating so that it can be used in more than one project. Programme once, install many times. This is a credo I’ve maintained since I started programming for content management systems and one I try to pass on when working with other programmers.

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