• Changeable Sunday

    Views from home across the lake to the Niederhorn on a winter Sunday.

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  • The evil of Hans Landa

    The evil of Hans Landa

    Christoph Walz’s masterpiece performance as a subtly menacing and monstrous S.S. officer in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds, from 2009.

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  • City walking

    Walking from my office around a variety of city streets before returning to the office is a good way to put aside the complexities of my work for a short time.

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  • The CSS :not() selector

    One of the best CSS tips I’ve come across in recent months is the :not() selector. Rather than having to define a set of rules for an element, then re-defining new rules for the element when it has a certain class or attribute, you can use :not() to be more specific in the first place. […]

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  • Technical case study: !frappant

    My employer re-branded recently, which meant a new corporate identity and a new website using Zurb Foundation, CSS Flexbox and TYPO3.

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  • Silent Mulder

    We’re loving the long-awaited new series of The X-Files. Just the right balance of humour and sci-fi, with much of the over-done conspiracy of the latter seasons having been suppressed or explained away in the interim. Scully’s emotional regret at having her son adopted is heart-felt and touching. But why isn’t Mulder, the father, commenting when she talks […]

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  • Preserving EXIF data when resizing images in WordPress

    I reported an issue to the WordPress Core team about eighteen months ago, noting that the function which creates thumbnails of larger images in the CMS strips the EXIF data from these smaller files. This means that not only is geo information lost, but so are keywords and copyright information set in the file using […]

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  • In action at Männlichen

    Yours truly, in action whilst photographing part of a multi-image panorama at Männlichen in Switzerland last weekend.

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  • “Life of a Mountain: Blencathra” trailer

    “Life of a Mountain: Blencathra” trailer

    I enjoyed Terry Abraham’s earlier film “Life of a Mountain: Scafell Pike” a great deal, so when I saw that Terry was making a new film featuring Blencathra, I jumped at the chance to contribute through a Kickstarter campaign. I can’t wait to get my copy of the film later this year and this trailer, recently completed, shows why.

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  • Multilingual list of Swiss localities

    We could do with a comprehensive, multilingual list of Swiss localities for work projects, so after a bit of digging and a suggestion from Habi, I came across a reference on which to base the list. After tidying it and converting it to tab-separated format (for optimal use in Excel), I’ve made it publicly accessible as […]

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  • Better image compression settings for WordPress

    Improve the speed of your WordPress website by reducing the file size of the automatically-generated images.

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  • Processing time: 70 years

    Processing time: 70 years

    The Rescued Film Project discovers and processes 31 rolls of film shot by an American WWII soldier over 70 years ago.

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  • Alpine Paradise – Beatenberg

    Completely inappropriate to the season, but what the heck. A beautiful sequence of clips filmed – mainly with a drone – in and above Beatenberg, looking over the lake shores I call home. The film was made by Maximilian Eckmann whilst staying in a local holiday apartment.

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  • A better solution than adverts and their blockers

    If you want good quality content on the web, support the publisher by subscribing to their publication. That way, you’ll help them stop ramming adverts down your throat.

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  • Alain Laboile

    Alain Laboile

    Truly tremendous photographs by French photographer Alain Laboile. How is it that French (or French-speaking) people seem to have such interesting surroundings and an almost superhuman level of innate creativity?

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  • Awe-inspiring Schilthorn

    The Schilthorn – topped by the Piz Gloria restaurant – is one of my favourite destinations in the Swiss Jungfrau Region. Whenever I see photos or film sequences, I can’t help becoming a little awe-struck. I still have to pinch myself from time to time, to be sure that the fact that I live within a half-hour […]

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  • Schilttal, Switzerland

    Schiltgrat to Mürren

    A hair-raising sledge run – our first of this season – in the awe-inspiring Schilttal valley above Mürren.

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  • Löscher bar, Bern, Switzerland

    The old fire station

    A goal for 2016 is to avoid putting things off when there is no good reason to do so. I’ve driven past the fire station in Bern’s Viktoria quarter on the way to and from work for five years now. Last summer, the fire brigade moved out and the erstwhile garage was converted into a bar, […]

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  • Dear Zurich

    A video love story for the well- and lesser-known corners of Zurich.

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  • Faulensee, Switzerland

    Below the water line

    Low water levels in Lake Thun in winter reveal large expanses of foreshore.

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  • Portraits by candle-light

    Relaxed portraits with a shallow depth-of-field at a recent company event.

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