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Working with multilingual theme options

I’ve been using the Advanced Custom Fields plugin for WordPress for nearly five years, and it’s implemented in every project I’ve created or worked on since I began using it. At work, our WordPress Themes depend on Theme Options, which are set using custom fields created by the plugin. In order to make the technique […]

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Speaking at WordCamp Lausanne

I’m presenting at WordCamp Lausanne at the end of September. Come and hear me talk about user interfaces and usability, and get your questions answered too.

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Black-and-white photos on my office wall

Pride of place

I finally got around to framing and hanging some photos of favourite places in my home office.

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Pre-procession mood at Läset Sunntig in Spiez

Läset Sunntig

Läset Sunntig is the annual festival to welcome the beginning of grape picking in the large vineyards at Spiez in Switzerland. I took this photograph before the crowds lining the procession route had fully formed, and as one participant trundled slowly past.

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Dark clouds over Thun’s Panorama shopping centre

Black over Will’s Mother’s

One of the phrases which comes down from generation to generation in Britain, which is used when seeing dark, stormy clouds in the distance. Quick online research shows that the phrase dates back to the 19th century at least, but there appears to be no clear indication of its initial origin.

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