Inspired by various friends and colleagues, this is a semi-regularly updated overview of what I’m up to at the moment.

Short version: I’m a web developer and microagency co-owner, specialising in small and medium-sized web projects, mainly focused on WordPress. I take photographs and go hiking in my spare time; usually in the Swiss Alps.

Last update: 11th June 2024. More info about “Now” pages is here.


I’m in Turin for this year’s WordCamp Europe this week, socialising with friends and colleagues, making new contacts, and learning lots of new stuff! I was last at WordCamp Europe when it took place in Berlin in 2019: it’s been a hot minute!


I’m fitting in revisions to our Say Hello agency website to allow us to translate the entire site into English and French, and beginning work on a more concerted plan to market our services better.

Regular weekly tasks carry on as usual: we have around 90 websites which we maintain for clients and we’ve begun offering a wider range of maintenance solutions for clients running WordPress projects.

I’m also doing smaller pieces of technical and design work for a few clients concurrently, as well as waiting for an agency partner to complete the editorial work on a third hospitality website within a multisite project which has been in development for the past few months.

Hotel and restaurant websites

Along with a separate website for their restaurant, this hotel website was the first of four which I’m building on behalf of a design agency in Bern.

Event and workshop subscriptions

Extending the website of a maintenance client to allow them to present events and webinars, and to receive online sign-ups from their clients.

Usability-focused typographic improvements

I’ve just finished revising the website for a local care home; re-designing and reworking the typography so that it is more legible and so that the text-scaling function is more usable.

Layout modernisation and performance

Two installations for a publisher—Steuerportal and Cosmos Verlag—have been receiving ongoing layout and performance improvements for the past couple of months. I’ve just wrapped up the work and implemented it on both sites, with additional improvements coming within the next couple of months.

Cookie checks

I’m reviewing a WordPress Multisite installation for one of our bigger maintenance clients, so that we can be sure that the main site and the other four ancillary sites are all fully compliant with the requirements of the European GDPR and the Swiss nFADP (revDSG) privacy laws.


I’m very slowly losing weight; I’m half-way to my first goal of 80kg and expect to get there by mid-summer. I’m getting in more exercise (in the form of cycling and hiking) for the summer and autumn season, with a particular goal to be fit enough to do at least two or three big hikes in the Lake District later this year. Most recently, I’ve been walking in Rosenlaui, Interlaken and between Holenstein and Brandegg (at Grindelwald).

Photographically, I’m currently tending toward panoramic work: mainly images which are cropped from RAW format in post-processing, but also using my iPhone. I’m also going to put together a list of wish-destinations soon, which I have plans to photograph.


Listening: new CDs from The Oldies Shop in Bern; The Killers; Kings of Leon; Editors; Kelly Jones; Electric Light Orchestra.

Audio book: Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire (the UK version, narrated by Stephen Fry).

Watching: Taskmaster; Richard Hammond’s Workshop; Agatha Christie’s Poirot and I’m on my third loop through Star Trek: The Next Generation on Netflix.