The use of drones and model aircraft is permitted in Switzerland under certain conditions. These conditions are listed on the website of the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA). Some local authorities and land owners may impose stricter restrictions.

Drohnen und Modellflugzeuge dürfen grundsätzlich in der Schweiz angewendet werden. Die Bedingungen für die Anwendung von Drohnen in der Schweiz sind auf der Website des Bundesamts für Zivilluftfahrt (BAZL) aufgelistet. Manche Behörden und Landbesitzer setzen strengere Regeln und Verbote ein.

My drone use

I record film sequences and take both single and multi-image panoramic photographs using a DJI Mavic Air. Because my drone weighs just 430 grammes, it is classed as a “lightweight drone”, to which some flight restrictions in Switzerland do not apply. However, I adhere vigilantly to the regulations defined by FOCA.

Photo quality and detail

My drone records high-definition images in 12 megapixel DNG RAW format, and film sequences in 4K high definition. The wide-angle view is the equivalent of a 24mm full-frame lens, so I can’t zoom in to take close-up images of subjects without them being aware of the drone’s presence. Most of the images and film sequences I take are for my own personal enjoyment and use. Some of my images are published in low to medium resolution to social media channels, and some are provided in high resolution for general sale as prints or digital downloads. If a person is clearly identifiable in one of my images, their appearance will be anonymized before the image is published.

Île d'Ogoz, photographed with a Mavic Air drone
An example of the kind of image I take using my drone

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