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Jo, Swiss Strobist workshop, Zurich

After a break of almost two years, and a handful of small lighting courses both on location and in the studio, I’ve decided to organize more free days of photography and learning in the style of the Swiss Strobist days. The day will allow participants to work in groups together with models, to try out […]

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One of a small series of shots to portray different moods, shot during the Swiss Strobist day at the ETH in Hönggerberg, Zürich. Strobist info: one direct snooted flash from high camera left. Thank you Leila.

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This is the only one from our Strobist day in Zürich on which I’ve done a reasonable amount of Photoshop work. The pool was filthy: covered in little bits of white floating polystyrene and lined with green scum. Just don’t ask me to do the same in the real pool. ;-) Other than that: how […]

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Rock and Roll

Photos from today’s mass Strobist shooting at ETH in Zürich are here: please add your photos to the Swiss Strobist pool and tag them "ETH0908" to have them included in the slideshow. Thanks to Victor for taking this one for us!

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