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Mattertal VS

Photographed from the train to Gornergrat. In the distance, you can just about see the result of two massive landslides at Randa, which deposited around 33 million cubic metres of rock into the valley below in 1991.

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Graustock and Trübsee

Lake Trübsee (currently frozen over and covered in snow, in the foreground of this photo) lies above the town of Engelberg and below the massive heights of the Titlis peak. Alongside the more famous neighbour is the Graustock, in the right of this picture, which is the junction point of the three cantons of Bern, […]

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Millennium Celebrations, London

I was in the centre of London, a few hundred yards from Big Ben and across the river from the newly erected London Eye, as the clock struck midnight on the turn of the century a little over eleven years ago. Whilst I took snapshots of the spectacular light show, unbelievable palls of smoke filled […]

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