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  • Lac Léman at sunset

    Finally photographing a long-awaited evening view across Lausanne, thanks to getting the right angle with my drone.

  • Stac Pollaidh

    Hiking in the wild, remote and dramatic landscape of the north-west of Scotland last autumn.

  • Unter dem Birg to Engstligenalp

    Time-lapse sequence of the cable car ride from the valley station to the mountain station.

  • WordPress expert Mark Howells-Mead

    Using register_block_pattern in WordPress can be a pain, as you need to manipulate the HTML in your code. Here’s a much less tiresome solution.

  • Sahara dust in the air at Fanel

    Almost every year, prevailing winds bring fine dust and sand from the Sahara desert to southern Europe.

  • Using CSS Grid to overlap two rows and allow a content image to “break out” of the text container.

  • Squeaky snow

    Squeaky snow

    When the temperature of snow is above -10°C, it melts slightly when you crush it by walking on it. At temperatures below -10°C, the ice crystals are crushed, which makes a squeaking sound.

  • Hallwil, Switzerland

    Lake Hallwil

    Going somewhere new and exploring the lake shore at Seengen, near Hallwil.

  • Christmas day in the snow at Ballenberg

    Strolling in a winter wonderland on an unusual Christmas Day.

  • Aeschiried, Switzerland

    Photos from a wander in the winter sunshine in 2019.

  • Scotland at night

    Scotland at night

    Wonderful and unusual drone and time-lapse sequences from the Visit Scotland YouTube channel.

  • Bern by night, 2011

    My first little video put together using Adobe Premier Pro, using some old video clips from 2011.

  • Loch Eriboll

    Spending three weeks in one of the most beautiful parts of the world this summer.

  • Copse, Le Noirmont

    Hiking in the snow between Le Noirmont and Le Creux-des-Biches in the Swiss Jura mountains.

  • Meadow at Eggboden (Grindelwald)

    Ever on the lookout for new views – and new variations on old views – I spent a fair amount of time on days out hunting for picturesque meadows this spring and summer.

  • The first part of my personal retrospective of a year which – to my eternal relief – wasn’t as bad on a personal level as it could easily have been.

  • Thousands of second chances

    I spent the afternoon working at home in front of the computer, and listened to Kenneth Williams – a well-known actor, comedian and diarist – reading from his autobiography, Just Williams.

  • WordPress expert Mark Howells-Mead

    WordPress’ block editor “Gutenberg” allows us to register custom block styles for a particular block. But since WordPress 5.4, we can use Block Variations to add other presets with different default settings.

  • Snow in Lauterbrunnen

    A stomp in the snow

    Note to self. When the cloud is low, the snow is falling gently and the village paths are empty, get out and enjoy it.

  • WordPress expert Mark Howells-Mead

    Explaining how to use WordPress hooks, and how to fine-tune them to improve legibility and code efficiency.

  • The memory moon

    When the full (-ish) moon rises above Interlaken at this time of year, it always reminds me of a photo my Dad took in south Wales many years ago, where the reflection wasn’t on a lake but on the smooth surface of the sea off the coast of Freshwater East.