• Mineral blue

    The colour of the lake today was enough to draw me away from my work mid-afternoon.

  • A few random facts to celebrate Switzerland’s birthday.

  • Random things in June

    Making more of an effort to publish moving pictures, including one from Dartmoor in June.

  • Lighthouse at Tarbat Ness

    Pottering at home, a trip to Scotland and photographing wild flowers in Switzerland.

  • The final resting place of a beloved character from the Harry Potter series of books and films.

  • WordPress expert Mark Howells-Mead

    Stepping back from involvement in the future development of WordPress as a system.

  • WordPress expert Mark Howells-Mead

    Using block filters in JavaScript to override theme.json settings on a per-case basis.

  • The Ice Path in summer

    With a name like “Ice Path”, you know before you arrive that a hiking route is going to be a pretty spectacular one.

  • The third of our slightly soggy hikes in the English Lake District in autumn 2022.

  • Paddle steamer on Lac Léman, passing Lutry

    It seems as though there will be a fair amount of travelling for me this year, both around Switzerland (which is pretty normal for Jo and for me in our time off), and abroad. After visiting England in March, I was back again in April to visit Mum; later in the month, I rode the…

  • Driving to the coast

    This music video by Bayview Sounds for their song “Home Alone” is very evocative of my trips to the northern and eastern Scottish coasts, with sea haar and low sun whilst driving along narrow roads. (The video was actually filmed in the far northern Scottish county of Caithness, which feels like the end of the…

  • Michi in the train

    Working in the web industry, I began getting fed up of trailing all the way to an office to work. When I moved to web agency Say Hello, I vowed to make the most of “remote working”.

  • This month’s set of photos is especially random, but that’s the whole point; not just of the ongoing photo series here on my website, but also in my life. The more varied and random, the better for me.

  • Award-winning bathing beach, Sheerness


    One of my hobbies is visiting less-than-salubrious destinations to take interesting photographs.

  • The “random things” posts are primarily about random stuff I’ve seen in the course of a month. The random stuff I saw in December was spread over four countries.

  • WordPress expert Mark Howells-Mead

    If you’re writing a plugin which needs to connect to a third-party service, there’s a relatively high chance that you’ll need to store credentials securely.

  • February 2023 was cold and seemingly endless.

  • Using a third-party service to compare your website before and after a technical update.

  • Above the clouds en route to Beatenberg

    Little photography and a big loss.

  • WordPress expert Mark Howells-Mead

    Block Patterns, Block Variations and Reusable Blocks. How and why they’re useful and implementable.

  • Audi Quattro, sliding down from Lombachalp, January 2023

    Another year and another fresh start to a series of monthly recaps. (The complete set from 2022 is here.)