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Going The Extra Mile

I decided to take advantage of glorious warm weather and the Easter bank holiday to visit the closed stretch of road near the upper reaches of the Susten pass in Switzerland. Read more, view this image larger and view more photos from the series on my website.

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Heading home from Ticino

One last stop-off on the way home from Ticino; heading through canton Obwalden to the Brünig pass. Illumination on the car is purely from the moon!

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Spiez Castle Garden

A new page added to my website today as the latest in a long line of improvements and extensions for 2011; this one for the town I call home: Spiez.

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Lugano and Monte Brè

Shooting into a scene with loads of glare; I’m buggered if I can get the colour balance right on this one: this is as close as I can manage.

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Ponte Tresa, Italy

The border between the south of Switzerland and the north of Italy intersects Lake Lugano at several points. Here, just along the road from the small but busy border crossing at Ponte Tresa, the view north from the Italian shore is entirely of Switzerland.

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Morcote, Ticino

A little bit of summer feeling on this cold, grey day. More from the area at

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