Permanent Tourist

Album: Review Of My Year 2008

Browns, Pembroke, Wales

Browns is a traditional fish and chip restaurant on the main street in Pembroke, South Wales, where my family used to go as a treat when I was a child. It hasn’t changed much; still the wonderful smell (and indeed taste) of fried battered fish, enjoyed in the equally battered decor.

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Freshwater East, Wales

Yes, it was that cold. No, in fact it was colder… the west coast of Wales and open to the Atlantic Ocean…

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Silent Night, Spiez, Switzerland

Not our road, but the newer residential complex behind our building. Taken in complete silence the other night, as snow fell and I stood vigilant with tripod and umbrella. Part of my personal Review of My Year 2008, now on Permanent Tourist. We’re off to England on Wednesday, so stay tuned for updates from there. […]

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1st Advent in the lanes of Bern

As in previous years, please add a tag to your photos of Christmassy subjects in Switzerland to wish all of our "Switzerland fan" friends abroad a Merry Christmas! This year’s tag is flichristmas2008 and the slideshow is here… or it will be, when there are appropriate photos! Please only tag photos of Christmas or the […]

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Farm cat

An outtake photo from this afternoon’s shoot at a beautiful, traditional Emmental farm.

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Birthday trip to Milan

A very warm and heartfelt happy birthday to my darling Jo! Here, braving a little vertigo for a photo on the roof of the cathedral in Milan, which we visited yesterday.

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