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There are more photos of us together by other people in the Mark4Jo group.

Country Thirteen

As we were so near the border when we visited Bavaria in October, we drove over into the Czech Republic to add the thirteenth country to the list of those I’ve visited. There’s not much in this region and in order to avoid paying a motorway toll – as we were only there for an […]

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Three Year Anniversary

Yesterday was the sixth anniversary of us getting together; today is our third wedding anniversary. We promised each other that we’ll take a special trip to celebrate every year and this year’s destination was the Piz Gloria mountain-top restaurant on the Schilthorn. We last visited in 2005 and decided that we’d go up again today […]

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Two years on

Jo and I pledged that we’ll go on holiday to somewhere new at the start of October every year, to mark our wedding anniversary. This year, we went to Flims in Graubünden. The complete set of images from our trip to Graubünden this week is available in high resolution at Permanent Tourist.

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At Sicara di Fuoco

Many of those seeing this photo won’t be much impressed by our walk from the harbour on Stromboli to the Sciara di Fuoco, but I’ll tell you this: it wasn’t a stroll. After walking for a couple of hours over comparatively easy paths, the last stretch was the hardest. If you can imagine walking for […]

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Freshwater East, Wales

Yes, it was that cold. No, in fact it was colder… the west coast of Wales and open to the Atlantic Ocean…

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Four years on

The freezing cold beach at St. Andrews: one of the places Jo and I visited when I first came to Scotland at the start of October in 2004.

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