Photo album Countdown

Self portraits taken to mark my upcoming wedding to Jo, most of them using the built-in iSight camera on my laptop.

T minus 11

…and only four more days of work before we leave for Scotland! Yay! Amongst many other preparations, I have re-activated the function which allows commenting over on my own website, where I am intending to post updates from time to time whilst Jo and I are on the road.

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T minus 26

Tired and aching on the way home from a hike near Grindelwald.

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T minus 30

Or, more accurately, just one month today until Jo will become my wife!!! Yay!!!

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T minus 136

…and also one year to the day since Jo’s father handed her over to me for the first time, when they dropped her off in England for the journey moving her to Switzerland!

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T minus 199

It’s been snowing heavily in Brienz all morning, so my trip to the supermarket to get lunch meant that I could finally inaugurate my "new" winter jacket with proper snow. I had the idea for this photo to dedicate to Jo, the best wife-to-be for which a man could ever hope. This photo is by […]

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