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  • Choo Choo at Funk am See, Lucerne, Switzerland

    Swiss band Choo Choo call their music “60s garage pop”, drawing influences from 60s teenage beat, pop and soul as well as contemporary garage rock. I have photographed them in the Dälhölzli woods and back lanes of the old city of Switzerland’s capital, Bern, as well as at the Funk am See open air festival…

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  • Content being shifted

    As is pretty common for me, I have once again decided to shift things around here at Permanent Tourist.

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  • F is for Festival

    The latest in a alphabetic series on aspects of my life: this time, the letter F is inspired by this weekend’s Glastonbury Festival.

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  • Review of My Year 2008

    2008 has been a great year for getting out and doing things. Jo and I are off to England and Wales later this week for our Christmas and New Year holiday, the fourth international trip this year, so I thought I’d post my end of year review ahead of schedule.

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  • CHOO CHOO band portraits

    CHOO CHOO is a Bern, Switzerland based band which draws its influences from 60s teenage beat, pop, soul and contemporary garage rock.

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  • Dream come true

    When I was in my late teens and early twenties, I dreamed of becoming a band photographer. I couldn’t imagine being stage-front because of the regularity of the shots, but more a portrait photographer; taking bands out and taking photographs of them looking moody in grotty locations. Thanks to Dan and the rest of the…

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