Interlaken West to Neuhaus

One of the newer walks we’ve taken to over the last few years leads from the train station at Interlaken West, and follows the river to the nature reserve on the shore of Lake Thun. I fancied a decent walk back in 2022 but preferred a flatter, longer path instead of taking to the hills; mainly because of snow which made walking in the mountains more difficult. After walking across Interlaken to Bönigen a couple of times over the past few years, we decided to forgo people-watching on the cross-town route and chose to head south-west instead.

As it turns out, the walk out through the countryside is a really good leg-stretcher, despite being entirely flat. When we tack on the path from the golf course through the nature reserve to the hotel, restaurant and harbour at Neuhaus, the return walk is around 13,000 steps over ten kilometres, and offers two return routes: back the way we came, or along the other river bank of the Lombach and then back through the quiet, small streets of the newer part of Unterseen.

Our most recent walk here was last weekend, when we chose the greener of the two routes and during which I chose to take some panorama images, previewed and cropped in-camera by the “ProCamera“ app on my iPhone. The more I look at these images, reminiscent of my early cropped panoramas when I switched to a digital camera, the more I lament that this in-camera format (3:1) is only available in medium-format Fuji cameras, and not the smaller XT series…

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