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Over the Schallenberg Pass

Jo and I decided to take the Mini out for the afternoon because of the unseasonally-warm weather, so I got to be a passenger for a change for the better part of the afternoon. Instead of heading for Gantrisch, where we’ve gone the last couple of times we’ve fancied a short blast up a mountain road, we turned east from Thun and headed up into the hills to tour through the winding roads of Entlebuch and Emmental.

One of the more fun bits of driving this route is the pass summit at Schallenberg, where the road winds pleasingly through the forests and farmland before arriving at a road-side restaurant — currently closed — and parking area. The summit is a popular destination for car enthusiasts and bikers, so the car park was loud with the sounds of youngsters revving their bikes and tainted by the smell of carbon monoxide.

Bikers and car enthusiasts in the summit car park, ready for another run down and back up the winding pass road

After a blast through the region of the Entlebuch Biosphere and a quick stop at the Kambly biscuit factory, we returned along the same route and stopped at the top of the pass for me to take some photos on the way back to Thun. One of many young biker lads came over for a chat about my drone. He asked me to fly it down the road a bit and tell him if there was still a police car parked down there with a speed camera. All part of the service!

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