Meall an Leathaid

A dramatic and cold landscape, photographed twelve years ago during one of my first outings in into the winter landscape of Ross and Cromarty. The road from Easter Ross into the Strathrusdale valley leads into what I felt was the middle of nowhere, but as I explored further, I found a smattering of crofts and an array of wind turbines on the mountains, turning quickly in the strong and icy wind.

Farm at Strathy, on the way to Strathrusdale
The wintry road near the superbly-named Inchlumpie
Novar Wind Farm
A profusion of lichens on the trees: a sign that the air in the mountains here is both humid and clean

One response to “Meall an Leathaid”

  1. Mum avatar

    The distant Wind Farm looks like an alien planet peering over the edge of the landscape spreading out before it

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