Random things in June

A slightly different post this time: video for a change. We were on holiday in Britain in June, and many, many photos were taken, which deserve their own blog post.

I tried to take a bit more video than usual while we were away, and I want to share more of my filmed results online, given that I have recorded dozens of clips since buying my first drone five years ago. I have to remember that I don’t need to spend hours preparing a five-minute film every time, but can put some clips together and make shorter sequences too, like this one from Dartmoor.

Not all of the video I take is aerial; I like to take short photo-like video sequences too, most often with my iPhone. The quality of these is slightly lesser than those I film with my drone or with one of my Fujifilm cameras, but I’ve been keen on taking (what I began calling ) “long photos” when Flickr began allowing video uploads way back in 2008.

Now that I am more familiar with using Premier Pro, I hope to begin sharing a few more of the results here on my own website. The premise is simple; composing video sequences as I would a photo, but where the movement and often sound in the scene merits moving pictures. Like this one, when we sheltered under a fly-over from a heavy rain storm when walking by the river in Interlaken.

Meanwhile, back in England, we visited Godrevy Point whilst we were in Cornwall and in the absence of beautiful photogenic weather under which to photograph the lighthouse on a nearby small island, we sat in a quiet spot away from the beach and enjoyed the nature instead, seeing the omnipresent gulls, cormorants and even a couple of seals. I tried to film the seals with my drone and didn’t do a terrible job, although there’s little chance of improving on my result (below) as seeing the grey seals against the grey rocks on the screen of the remote control was pretty difficult. It would be much easier if I could use FPV goggles, but they’re not available for the Mavic Air 2 I use.

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One response to “Random things in June”

  1. Mum avatar

    Midgets trek over elephantine structures of granite in a barren landscape as the king of the castle films

    The exuberance of rain and river as they mingle together forming one glorious sound

    A seal enjoying its five minutes of fame ducking and diving, twisting and turning – but checking the camera all the while to see nothing is missed

    Enjoyed seeing a glimpse of your June meanderings. Thank you for sharing

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