Posts from 2023

  • Beauty in the Melancholy

    I used to avoid Radiohead back in the 1990s, because my youthful inexperience made me think their songs were miserable. I’m so glad that I’ve grown up to hear the beauty in the melancholy.

  • WordPress expert Mark Howells-Mead

    How to work around PHP’s deprecation of dynamic class properties without refactoring your whole codebase.

  • Pool of light in the back lanes near Faulensee

    Reminding myself that although mountain hiking season is over now, there are still wonderful opportunities to walk and clear the mind.

  • WordPress expert Mark Howells-Mead

    Using Context in WordPress’ implementation of React.

  • The Rail Replacement Helicopter

    We’ve all heard of the dreaded “Rail Replacement Bus”. But what if we had Rail Replacement Helicopters instead?

  • Autumn: the most photogenic of seasons.

  • Starling in a fig tree

    Neighbours who worry about fruit, and nature which gets there first.

  • Red Mini Cooper

    A familiar array of “adventures” which I feel fortunate to regularly enjoy.

  • Pissing the night away

    Remembering Luke the alcoholic.

  • Finally, monsieur, a wafer-thin photograph to end the day.

  • A memorable school trip to Oxford University, which ended in the pub.

  • Opinionated photographs from January 2011.

  • An unfestive 1st August, barbecuing in a mountain valley, and walking around a lovely lake near Gstaad.

  • Meall an Leathaid

    The road from Easter Ross into the Strathrusdale valley leads into what I felt was the middle of nowhere.

  • The Grimsel Snake

    The “Grimsel Snake” (“Grimselschlange”) is a cloud formation in the mountain region between canton Bern and Wallis, where the clouds pour over the ridge slowly like water when the humidity and wind combine in the right direction. Here’s a time-lapse video I filmed of it from the Furka Bélvèdere car park in 2016.

  • Part of the Grand Bisse d'Ayent irrigation system

    Random things in July

    Lots of work stopped me from going out so much, but we did get in a great trip to canton Wallis.

  • Mineral blue

    The colour of the lake today was enough to draw me away from my work mid-afternoon.

  • A few random facts to celebrate Switzerland’s birthday.

  • Random things in June

    Making more of an effort to publish moving pictures, including one from Dartmoor in June.

  • Lighthouse at Tarbat Ness

    Pottering at home, a trip to Scotland and photographing wild flowers in Switzerland.

  • The final resting place of a beloved character from the Harry Potter series of books and films.