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I’m a bit behind in updating this series — a month, to be honest — because I’m working on a new version of the site. The hot weather in June and July drained me a lot too, so I spent a lot of time indoors, keeping cool, whilst hikes were definitely of the less taxing kind.

We walked at Männlichen, where the alpine roses were already wilting in the heat and so not looking photogenic; at Mürren, where a steep start to Blumental and the Schiltgrat beckoned; from the fly-heavy restaurant at Bort to the picturesque Ischboden Hut in the mountains at Grindelwald; and at Engstlenalp, where the walk up to Tannalp and then across the limestone pavement was more taxing than I expected.

A shopping trip to Mulhouse, a short drive over the border into France, provided a much-needed urban break, and the lake at both Faulensee and Wallrain helped considerably when dealing with the high summer temperatures.

Cooling down in the lake before dinner
One of the few marmots we’ve seen this year
A hot hike to the Ischboden hut
Gentian bud at a mid-hike picnic spot
Queens of the castle
View from the train on the ride back down the mountain
Restaurant Suppenalp in the mountains at Mürren
Alpentower and Wetterhorn, photographed from Engstlenalp
Sunbathing and swimming at Wallrain for the first time in years
Stormy weather and hard work in the company office
Street photography during a shopping trip to Mulhouse
Street photography during a shopping trip to Mulhouse

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