Random things in June

We visited Brittany in June, and the excitement of being on holiday and visiting an area we’d never seen led to our trip being my main photographic focus for that month. My photo archive software tells me that – between my iPhone, Fuji cameras and drone – I shot 964 images, so there are far too many to summarise in a small set of twelve pictures. So I’ve selected my favourites from those views I stood in front of and photographed with a camera.

The view from our holiday rental at Landrezac
Suscino beach
Beg Lann beach
Discarded great scallop shells in the rocks at Locquémeau
Le Mean Rez lighthouse
Dog-sized recess at Perros-Guierec
Cotton grass at Ménez Ham
Creative construction at Tahiti beach (Névez)
Salt meadows at Mont-Saint-Michel
Ramparts at Mont-Saint-Michel
“The Falconry” cormorant colony at Cap Fréhel
La Porte des Champs Vauverts, Saint-Malo

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One response to “Random things in June”

  1. Mum avatar

    So much atmosphere in these photos and each different: Peace and calm in the sea views; shells would make a great display at home – so many a few taken wouldn’t be missed; sea pounding on rocks moulding them curios shapes, like the chunky headless ‘lady’ in the dog photo – no wonder he looks that way); a hermit crab waving ‘hello’
    I could go on as every time I look I find something else to fascinate
    Great shots Mark

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