When it used to get hot back in the days when I used to work in Brienz, a lunchtime dip in the freezing waters of Lake Brienz was the thing. When I worked in Bern, I used to go to the river with colleagues and float along for 20 minutes or so to cool down.

Despite the fact that I’ve been working near the lake for the past three years, this is, I think, the first time I’ve been for a swim at lunchtime in Spiez. I found the little park called “Walllrain” in 2004, when it was a relatively short walk through the vineyards from where lived at the time. I spent quite a few solitary summer days there alternately reading and bobbing around in the cooling water.

An aside: I also asked Jo to marry me when she was sitting on the bench to the right, 16 years ago this October.

Same location, photographed on the evening Jo and I became engaged

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