I had a busy week. Two work projects are due for completion soon and because I felt that I was behind on them both, I decided to go back to the computer after dinner and work on them. I used to work late into the night when I was first establishing my career here, and found that it’s my most productive time. Knowing that the more efficiently I work, the sooner I get to go to bed is a good incentive to focus. 

However, all that was twenty years ago and after two days of fourteen hours in front of the computer, I’ve found out that I can’t keep up that kind of pace any more. It turns out that working until 2 a.m. repeatedly at the age of fifty is exhausting. 

I learned from a massively stressful project at my last employer that working very long hours and skipping leisure time will knock you for six. Working a few hours less and taking a long walk in the weak springtime sunshine is worth much more than burning the midnight oil. Take a break to enjoy nature, and the technical challenges will be more easily dealt with. 

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