Once upon a time on Skye

I first met Jo online. On my second trip to meet her, seventeen years ago in April, we took a drive around Scotland to see the sights. Our first stop was on the Isle of Skye. We were blessed with some pretty decent weather and so I got to see the island at its best. (Before it became overrun with camper vans and Instagrammers and before accommodation became so eye-wateringly expensive .)

I’d only recently bought my first digital SLR, after being incredibly disappointed by the quality of the photos I’d taken when I’d visited a few months earlier. I used the new camera to take loads of individual images with the intention of stitching them together to make panoramas. Although I hadn’t yet mastered the technique of stitching, my efforts led to some pretty good views. I learned the lesson that it’s best to shoot in RAW format all the time, but these JPGs are still pretty reasonable. I like the fact that, because of the lower quality from the camera’s sensor back then, the images almost look as if they’ve been shot on film.

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