Letting things go

I’ve been running a blog since the 1990s and, as an inveterate fiddler, have never been able to either leave it alone or stop filling it with content. This came at a price; the longer the site was online, the more notable and time-consuming the task became every time I considered a re-design. The previous version of “Permanent Tourist” dated back to 2004, which is a lot of stuff to accumulate and manage.

Three years ago, I began missing the simpler days of a completely fresh, technically unburdened website. Every time my friend Florian updated his photo blog, I envied the simplicity of his posts and the simplicity of his site. Every time I considered stripping my website back, I had to contend with the thought of reworking thousands of blog posts and making sure that all of the layouts and pieces of content still work.

Three years and a week after buying a special website domain name for a replacement website, I decided to begin letting go of the past. I flipped the switch today and replaced the entire old site – all eighteen years’ worth of entries – with this much simpler version.

I still have the old site running and I’m going to ponder whether or not to migrate all, or some, of the old content across, or perhaps let it run, for the sake of the Google search engines, under a different address.

Maybe I will. Maybe I won’t. But one thing feels freeing: looking forward more and looking back less.

(Photo by my wonderful wife Jo.)

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