Bluebells in Switzerland

Until I moved to Switzerland, my interest in photography was mainly confined to recording what I was up to; from time with friends and family, to documentary photography on the streets of London and capturing scenes when I was on holiday. I had begun getting interested in landscape photography after a few visits to the Lake District, but my interest in more classic landscape shots only began to really take a hold when I bought my first digital camera here in Switzerland.

One of the classic landscape photography subjects is the bluebell; a small violet-coloured flower similar to campanula, which grows in woodland in northern European countries along the Atlantic. Its natural geographic habitat doesn’t extend to Switzerland and so it’s always been a source of minor disappointment that I’ve never been in the right place at the right time. I briefly went hunting for the flowers a few years ago on a trip to Britain, but didn’t find a suitable spot.

We visited the Château de Vullierens in the hills near Lausanne in May, ostensibly to take photos of the iris gardens and to walk in the woods there. The gardens and woodland are very picturesque and although there were plenty of people about, it was peaceful enough to enjoy the quiet and the cool breeze rustling through the meadows, vineyards and trees. I was delighted to find that the owners have planted bluebells along the main path through the woods near the castle, which were in perfect condition during our visit.

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