Uferweg Iseltwald

One of the long list of little pins set into my Google Maps account is at Iseltwald, a small village on the southern shore of Lake Brienz. I’ve been to the village many times down the years, but a closer inspection of the map showed me that there is a walking path along the lake shore.

The Uferweg Iseltwald (Iseltwald lake shore path) leads from the Strandbad camp site to Giessbach; an easy 5.5km walk between ship stations which was built in the 1970s. We chose a gentle 4km round-route stroll today, in patchy sun before returning to the car an an increasingly heavy shower.

The path is lovely, but would almost definitely be packed on a warm summer day. We’ll see; perhaps a one-way walk followed by an ice-cream at the Giessbach Hotel and a return trip to Iseltwald on a paddle steamer may make it worth our while.

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