The map in Lightroom which shows places where I’ve taken photos over the past seventeen years has a big hole to the south-west of Zurich. For no other reason than there have always been places higher up the list to visit.

The new year and a semi-saturation of visiting places we’ve been to so many times before has given me the urge to photograph new places, so when Jo suggested the lake near Hallwil, in canton Aargau, we jumped in the car to spend the last afternoon of my time off over Christmas and New Year trying a new place. Initially to see the moated castle, but as this didn’t particularly inspire me, to walk along a section of the lake shore path.

The weather was grey, drab and cold, but the northern shore of the lake almost benefitted from a comparatively small number of people. I can imagine that the two old-fashioned bathing houses, the Männerbad and the Frauenbad, as well as other picnic and bathing spots, will be crammed full in the summer, so this time of year seemed to be the better choice.

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