Because we live in a heavily-touristed region, finding hiking routes to enjoy whilst avoiding groups of people and the current dangers of the coronavirus can be a challenge. Not that there is a shortage of places to walk near home; far from it. But we’re certainly limited at this time of year, when snow keeps us off the routes in the higher mountains and the lower paths become increasingly familiar.

Hence, we’ve spent more time in the Jura mountains this year – a region of Switzerland on the border with France to the north-west – and taken advantage of unfamiliarity to do a little exploring. This time, Jo checked the Switzerland Mobility (Schweiz Mobil) website and found an easy-going route through the snow between the railway stations of Le Noirmont and Le Creux-des-Biches. Although the section across the fields at the start of the route would be easier-going with snow shoes, we managed the two-hour round walk with relative ease.

Le Noirmont
Copse, Le Noirmont
Enclosing wall, Le Noirmont
Stone wall, Le Noirmont

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