Ever on the lookout for new views – and new variations on old views – I spent a fair amount of time on days out hunting for picturesque meadows this spring and summer. The kind which come to mind when one thinks of Switzerland; endless wild flowers swaying gently in the breeze with long views to distant mountains.

What I found out is that these meadows are surprisingly rare here. I’d expected to have my pick of the bunch – no pun intended – but after hunting for several weeks, the first one I found which matched the scene I’d been hunting was in Grindelwald, on a hike between the mountain restaurants at Schreckfeld and Bort. There, the meadows in forest clearings were filled to overflowing with pink and white and violet and orange. Despite the long search, I was pleased with many of the scenes I found, even though they didn’t match my expectation.

This is one of a series of posts reviewing my personal highlights of 2020.

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