So far, Switzerland hasn’t been completely locked down – apart from most non-essential shops – and so we can get out and about. On the proviso, of course, that we stay away from other people; what’s being called “social distancing”.

Many people seem to be slightly (or occasionally) unaware of physical space at the best of times, so it can be a challenge to keep away from them, and a worry to consider going to “hot spots”: places where people tend to go to enjoy nature.

Instead of staying at home, we found a nice alternative last weekend. Using a fully self-service petrol station and some hand sanitiser to ensure a full tank, and taking a picnic lunch, we headed for the mountain-top forests of canton Jura. After enjoying driving through some almost Canadian landscapes, we pulled onto a narrow track, a good way from any towns, and parked up to get some exercise amongst the trees and to take some photos.

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