A score out of five

Because I take so many photos, and because I like sharing photos online, I have to be critical of my results and only share the best. Mainly, so that people don’t get bored of seeing so much of my stuff.

I cycled to the next village along the lake last weekend and took a break on the lake-side path. Whilst I was there, I sent my drone up to photograph the views along the lake in both directions; one looking east and one looking west. Although I like the view I took of the lake and the local quarry, it was the following snap, taken when coming into land, which drew my attention.

Leissigen, Switzerland

Although people have different interests when looking at a photo, I love shots which contain a lot to look at. Most often, when the photo itself is interesting, and only gets more interesting as you notice little details.

This photo gets a four out of five for this reason; there are lots of little details when you see the picture at full resolution. The arrows at the top of the photo; the car about to enter the tunnel; the five strips of road, path and train track; the top-down view of a leafless tree; the submerged rocks which fade away into the deepening turquoise-green water.

The extra details make this shot a four rather than a three: the fact that you can see a person (me) next to the tree. The little triangular sign laid flat and face-down next to the path. The rectangular manhole cover which has been partially painted-over with chevrons. The drainage pipe which emerges from ten metres or so off the shoreline and disappears into the depths.

So, why doesn’t this photo get a five? For one simple reason. This is the main train line to Interlaken and a train passed by as I was preparing to cycle on. If I’d waited just a short time, I could’ve included the train entering the shot from the left, which could’ve balanced with a car entering the shot from the right. That would’ve made this shot top-notch for me, and received top marks.

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2 responses to “A score out of five”

  1. habi avatar

    Thanks for the reminder that I have to go dive there soon again. The divesite Gipsunion is close by, the last time I was diving there was 9 friggin’ years ago.
    And; thanks for the great story behind the photo!

    1. Mark Howells-Mead avatar

      Thanks for the comment, as always! Time flies when you have other things to do :)

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