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Back in 2017, I wrote that

…somewhere in the hills which push up the wall of rock on the western end of the Bernese Alps, there is a view.

A couple of years later, I finally found the view which I’d been looking for, which (obviously) proved to be a well-known outlook. (Well-known to all but me.) Aside from the Tavel-Denkmal memorial to one of the best-known Bernese German authors, Rudolf von Tavel, the views themselves and the nearby country restaurant at Bütschelegg are popular draws for locals in the know on fine-weather weekends.

Tavel-Denkmal viewpoint and the Bernese Alps

After keeping an eye on the skies for much of the day, I noted the particular combination of mist and cloud formations which often provoke red and orange sunsets, so Jo and I drove the half-an-hour or so to the hilltop near Rüeggisberg to photograph the last rays of the day on the distant mountain tops. Although the actual sunset proved less spectacular than I’d hoped after the clouds became more dense, the last rays poked through gaps in the cloud cover to brush the tops of the highest of the local peaks in the Jungfrau Region.

I chose a slightly different viewpoint than the in the end; the view from the monument proves to be better when there are long shadows across the countryside in the valley floor. Instead, I drove a couple of miles back to the Panorama Restaurant Viva on the eastern edge of Rüeggisberg and framed my shot to include a farmhouse and the fields and woods at Gibelegg, which remain frosted on cold days thanks to their north-facing aspect.

Bernese Alps, photographed from Rüeggisberg

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  1. Florian avatar

    Beautiful light on the second image.

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