Saint Tarcisius School, Camberley

“New Eagle” comic from March 1982, with the free space spinner which I lost…

Six years before this photo was taken, and after moving up the road from St. Gregory’s junior school in Yorktown, I learned to swim (properly) in the icy outdoor pool in front of the middle building, played with toy cars in the sand and roots of the reddish tree in the middle of the picture, lost a Dan Dare “space spinner” on the roof of the building behind the trees, and skirmished to the obelisk in the woods on top of the hill without permission.

The school was re-located and re-named to St. Augustine’s in 1996, whereupon the buildings were demolished and replaced by a red-brick housing estate.

Credit: school photos from Camberley Memories on Facebook.

Camberley Obelisk in 2017; photo by Stephen Poole on Flickr

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I have very fond memories of this school, sister Placidus was the head Mistress supported by sister Bartholemew. Mr Spellman was the science teacher and of course the Legendary PE teacher Mr Bruce. What a lovely gentle school it was, the quiet before the storm, the storm being All Hallows

Oh my god, Brian McCann! I’m sure you were in my class all or most of the way through- Were you a skinny blonde haired kid with a north (?) Irish accent? I can remember Mrs Cole’s class -C3… And Sister Bartholemew took D4. I was the fat kid who sat next to a bad lad called Jon Baldari & used to hang out with two other James’s-Knight & Prendergast. Mr Bruce picked me up by my ears once but tbf is veg him 10p he couldn’t.

Yes I was that skinny northern Irish lad. I remember you well James and John Baldari. I mostly sat with Paddy Flattery. Mr Bruce was a legend. My most common memory was standing on the landing area outside the school office and sister placidus office in detention. How are you doing these days James?

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