Mark Howells-Mead on stage at WordCamp Zurich

Thanks to Christoph von Siebenthal for the photo attached to this post, which is being used under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

The members of the Swiss WordPress community are all big fans of the system, which leads to a lot of exchanges: either at the regular meetups all across the country or at the annual WordCamp conferences. I’ve been privileged to be allowed to help organise and/or speak at the conferences for the past few years, and this year’s WordCamp in Zurich was no exception.

Alongside coding the customisations for the conference website – which was, again, based on the Twenty Seventeen WordPress Theme – I was also able to present to the attendees. This time, I chose to speak about the world of development outside the WordPress eco-system – from the good old days of Microsoft Notepad (which gained a smattering of applause) to Visual Basic, TYPO3 and even the newspaper CMS I co-developed for a few years when I first came to Switzerland.

I’ve been using WordPress since the very first version and love it. But getting to know other technical solutions will help you to learn many more new things, be inspired by alternative systems, and help you to build better websites with WordPress. In my talk, I shared some of the experiences I’ve gained as a CMS developer, website builder, content manager and blogger since the late 1990s.

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