Blofeld’s Lair from the air

The marketing team at the Schilthorn – one of my favourite destinations in the region we call home – recently offered reduced-price tickets for a trip to the mountain-top restaurant. I jumped at the chance to re-visit the 007 filming location and took my drone with me, to get some aerial video sequences and photographs of the unique location.

A note: although there is no ban on flights with small drones like my Mavic Air in the mountains above Mürren, drone pilots must be extremely cautious here, due to the regularity of helicopters, light aircraft and paragliders.

As I’ve experienced before in the region, calibrating the drone wasn’t as easy as usual, as the rock in some of the mountain peaks around here seem to contain a high level of magnetism. I battled for a short while and managed to get the drone’s calibration sorted out, before using up three full batteries while flying around and over the mountain-top station. I’m particularly delighted with the results, which I’ve edited together into the short film in this blog post.

If you like the main photo in this film, of the summit station, it’s available to order as a framed or unframed print in my Redbubble gallery.

Piz Gloria mountain station, high in the Bernese Alps in Switzerland
Piz Gloria mountain station, high in the Bernese Alps in Switzerland


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