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Softly, softly

Krattigen, Switzerland

It’s easy to get in a rut when taking and editing photos. Living in such a beautiful place means that taking decent landscape photos is often like catching fish in a barrel.

That doesn’t always cut it though. The wide vistas with blue skies and imposing mountains may be good camera fodder, but they can also become a bit monotonous. Being creative takes a bit more effort and a bit more concentration. I’m finding that I have to turn my back on the views which have been drawing my camera, and find something a bit different.

Jo likes to take photos and after spending so many years with me, takes ever more landscape views. Her photos from the places we go together are often quite different to mine. Where my photos are brash and punchy, hers are much more subtle. The same views, often, but a different approach. Her photos are much more natural and capture the scene much more honestly than mine.

Her shots and feedback on my photos have led me to start embracing a more creative side to my photography again. To stop automatically going for bold colour and obvious views, then editing them by turning up the punchiness when post-processing the images. To pay more attention to details and scenes which I like, then try to capture them honestly. To show the viewer the scene I saw, as accurately as possible. To stop and take a breath, instead of clicking away and getting the same old views again and again.

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