The data we leave behind

If only I died one hundred years ago, I would have left tons of manuscript notes and printed photographs. All my memory would be physical and my family could consult it. I guess this would help them a lot, emotionally.

I sometimes think about what would happen if I die but I’ve never took the time to plan how my memories would be handled.

Most of our life is now virtual and will live forever enclosed in a big unbreakable glasshouse. You can see most of it through the exterior but you cannot enter nor modify anything inside.

If post-death memories are the “product” and the family and close friends the “users” then I’m sorry to say but the accessibility of that is close to zero.

Although I have no reason for it to be applicable at the moment, this thought-provoking piece by Samuel Zeller has certainly given me pause to think about the reams of stuff I have on my computer, which others will possibly want to cherish when the unthinkable eventually happens.

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