Sandbanks peninsula, Dorset

Sandbanks and Poole harbour in Dorset

A small community on the British coast, near Poole in Dorset, is a prime piece of land. Measuring just eighty-eight metres at its narrowest point, the peninsula is amongst the most expensive pieces of real estate in the world, after cities like London and Tokyo.

Poole harbour, almost entirely contained to the west by the neighbouring peninsulas of Sandbanks and Studland, is home to many hundreds of boats of all description. Ferries leave Poole to head for France, travelling slowly through a deep trench trawled especially for them, and everything from the ferries to the sailing boats dodge each other to pass through the three-hundred-metre gap between the peninsulas.

As if the entrance to the harbour weren’t narrow enough, the added obstacle of the chain-driven Sandbanks ferry presents itself every twenty minutes. I’ve been visiting the area for around thirty years, and so I was delighted to get some aerial shots when I visited with my drone recently.

Sandbanks car ferry in Dorset
Sandbanks car ferry
Deep sea trench trawled for the larger ships which use the harbour

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