We spent the Christmas and New Year period travelling to Scotland and back by road again. We like to visit family and the trip around a festive Britain in our trusty Audi is smooth, comfortable and not nearly as tiring as so many think.

I knew that there wouldn’t be time for any photographic outings, given a full schedule with just a day of rest between sections of the trip, so I left my camera at home and captured a few snapshots with my phone along the way instead. Britain did itself proud with some dramatic weather – including picturesque mist and snow in the Highlands – and we arrived home with only the briefest flirtation with the well-publicized gales.

Our route: Faulensee, to Kent, to Alness, to Perth, to Dundee, to Perth, to Dundee, to Perth, to Alness, to Cumbria, to Norfolk, to Hampshire, to Kent, to Faulensee. 5,436.8 km in 15 days.

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