As my working career moves towards being involved with WordPress 100% of the time in future, I’ve started to gradually invest a little more of my time and effort into the WordPress community. My aim is to work with friends and colleagues to coordinate our efforts in Switzerland into bringing WordPress even more to the fore than so far, by pooling resources and creating central resources of information. My long-term personal goal is to contribute up to 5% of my time to the non-commercial, open-source aspects of WordPress, in addition to my contribution to the commercial aspects through my new employer.

The meetups in Bern, Zurich, Lucerne and Geneva are usually well-attended and the attendees are a friendly bunch. So the next step, having started up a Slack discussion channel with Nico for anyone and everyone to join, is to connect those who are interested through other channels, too.

The next Swiss WordCamp is in the early planning phases and so the Twitter channel and Facebook page are being dusted off.

For the more technically-minded, I’ve founded the Github organisation WP Switzerland, where programmers and other contributors can work together on projects in their free time, contributing to publicly-shared information. A great deal of activity went on today to start extending Claudio‘s lists of Swiss WordPress agencies and freelancers, and a rapidly-growing list of websites here in Switzerland which are powered by WordPress.

The lists are here and waiting for your pull requests.

Join us if you can! The options are free, and are a great way to get to know about the Swiss WordPress community.

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