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After six years at !frappant, the time has come to move into a role which better suits my abilities and which will provide me with new challenges. I’m really excited that I’ve been asked to join WordPress agency cubetech as Head of Development.

I stepped from customer services into a creative and technologically progressive career in 1997; a career which I still really enjoy. The role as cubetech’s Head of Development will still allow me to have a hands-on role in the creation of new websites and web applications, but it will also give me the chance to help a group of new colleagues enhance and advance their skills, whilst providing new and existing clients with top-notch, attractive solutions. Cubetech has already made a name for itself as the leading WordPress agency in the country’s capital by making consistently good websites and by winning more and more recommendations for new projects.

I began making websites in the mid 1990s to show my photography, then learned how to work with content management systems to help automate the process. Since I started working with the pre-release version of WordPress in 2003, I’ve grown alongside it, building sites for myself, for friends, for local businesses and for multilingual, international companies. WordPress has become the most commonly-used content management system in the internet; around 27% of all the websites on Earth use it. I’ve always loved WordPress and brought it into play as often as possible since joining Burson-Marsteller in 2008.

The next logical step in my career isn’t to just keep making more sites myself, but to help other talented people make them. To use the experience I’ve gained in my career to help create better results by leading a team of other talented people towards a common goal. The past twenty years as a designer, programmer, content manager and technical lead is invaluable to clients and colleagues alike. By stepping into a management role, I can help cubetech to continue making first-rate, attractive websites, and help my new team colleagues to continue moving forward.


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  1. Excellent news which feels timely and very appropriate at this moment in your working life. You have so much to contribute and to share. We are excited by the possibilities and happy for you. Anna and Gordon.

  2. Congratulations (though also, your comment about twenty years as a designer etc is truly terrifying as it reminded me we’re no longer the spring chickens we once were)! It sounds like a great and well-deserved move…

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